Hello, friends! I am a former English and history teacher who loves to run, write, and spend time with my family. I formed River Child Ministries as a way to encourage others through a variety of interests that allow me to experience, teach and write about God’s Word.

Since childhood, I longed to be an archaeologist. Go to a faraway place, sit in an expanse of dirt and dig. I imagined the joy of finding something hidden underneath, something ancient that had not been seen or touched for thousands of years. I would wipe it off with my mind, inspect its form in the light, and wonder about the meaning behind its existence. What was its function, its purpose? How was it used? There was a dream of days spent figuring out why it was made and what it meant to those who loved it. The whole thing would be a mystery, something to be discovered and shared.

As childhood dreams often give way to real-life, I became a teacher instead. In the back of my mind I always missed what I missed out on, an unfulfilled calling that would never be experienced. However, through a process of revelation, I came to understand that my longing to dig and question was a skill-set meant for the things of God, not just the things of man. Since then, I have become captivated with the mystery; always lingering in my thoughts to find the evidence of His hand and hear the sound of His voice.

Maybe you can relate. Maybe you, too, thirst for a deeper connection. Do you long to see more of God in the everyday? To witness Jesus in the big and the small? To find Him wherever He may be found? Let’s trade our head-knowledge world for a heart-knowledge understanding and learn more about our creator and savior.

We serve a God who is easily accessible to the eager and desires relationship. Let us walk into an expanse of dirt and discover more about the most important layer to our existence. There we can find some ancient truths, something so old to creation but so new to us.

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