The power of God is to

write and rewrite

give breath and take it away

love without cause and rule without defense.

It is the astounding “I Am.” that answers every question.

That which he made without freewill worship Him in the every day of their lives. Trees live hundreds of years swaying in His presence with arms turned upward. They are steady because He is steady and move when He moves upon them.

We who have been given the power to turn away think we are deserving of the choice. We run with the greed of it as if a thousand almosts sanctify us. We are without excuse. Large in our own eyes we lift ourselves above His plan.

If only we were plant or animal or rock then we would know it automatically.

We must rise to the occasion and humble ourselves to grace. This is where freedom lives.


Image Credit: “Mulberry Tree.” Vincent VanGogh


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