Heart Knowledge

All knowledge is not the same.

Some are stored like too many books on a shelf or accumulated for show like an expensive car that lives its life under a tarp.

But heart knowledge has hands and feet and works for a living.

Heart knowledge is deep and wide with space to wonder and wander. It changes our reality, provides meaning to the mundane and inspires our next thought, making us feel more like the people we are supposed to be.

It is not an ability to recall or identify correctly, but a complete integration of soul and strength. The knowing that we were formed with intent and are able to carry out our purpose because our God knew it first. It is never just spoken, but always born in the same way light was born when God said “let there be.”

The disciples called Jesus teacher. He spoke in stories aimed at their heart (the seat of revolution). He called for a repositioning of self. Lower than brother, farther from world. With this, He turned the world upside down.

Life is full of easy facts, but revelation stops us where we stand and gives us something, Someone, to hope in.

This kind of truth will always generate life if we choose it.


Image Credit: Mark Rothko. “Untitled” (1964)

2 thoughts on “Heart Knowledge

  1. Absolutely profound, insightful and relevant. Every sentence. Like the words of Jesus himself in its succinctness . . . “revelation stops us where we stand and gives us something.” A beautiful beginnings to this new thrust. And will be revisited as the others roll out. Be encouraged. Keep encouraging. (Loved the Rothko too.)

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