If You Long for Family

“So God created mankind in his own image,

in the image of God he created them”

Genesis 1:27


If you long for family, you long for your Father.

That laugh you have, it came from Him.

The ease of your conversation, the warmth of your heart, the way you dig in and get things done- all of these are attributes of the one who made you.

Look at your hands. Can you imagine His hands look something like yours?

The swing of your arms in rhythm with the stride of your step- He too walked in such a way (determined and full of purpose).

Our bodies were made to look like His. Supernatural DNA connecting us to Him. It is stronger than blood, though His blood is strong. It covers us in spite of ourselves. We fall to our face and soak in forgiveness…and mercy…and love. We stand tall under its redemption…and power…and promise.

In His image we find perfection.

Now look outside of yourself.

The mystery of God is that we are all made this way. Everyone has claim. When we look at one another let us look for our Father’s face. We long to see more of Him, so let us see Him in each other. My life is not happenstance to yours. They were written together.

Look at me, I look just like you.


Image Credit: “The Creation of Adam.” Michelangelo

4 thoughts on “If You Long for Family

  1. Beautiful, Ashley. Once again you have plumbed wonder. A wonder of God. Of ourselves. So fitting today for me, and for Anne (to whom I read this aloud and talked about you) as we pursue our own works of creation. As for your creativity, you continue to prove it is indeed from the Father. Never stop. Hyatt

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