Two Knocks: A Metaphor, but not really.

“For every house is built by someone,

but the builder of all things is God.”

Hebrews 3:4


How do you treat the enemy’s Lie when he knocks at your door?

Do you listen to his pitch and invite him in? Offer him a conversation, time in your head to wander around? Do you hear out his version of reality- falsehoods dressed as understanding but intended to destroy? He will be the houseguest that stayed too long- no longer a joy, but a drain on your energy and resources. Eventually Lie will want to move in and become a permanent fixture in your home. He will take the largest room for himself. He will expect you to run every new thought or deed by him first. You will compare the validity of your own ideas next to Lie’s and they will never feel like enough. He will soon expose himself as a demanding master.  The ceiling will feel lower and the walls unsteady. You will cling to Lie because there is a fear that the house might collapse around you. He will cuff your wrist to his and become your constant companion, never allowing you to go farther than the length of the chain.

But when Jesus knocks…

you can’t get to the door fast enough because you know, when you open it, He will be there. He walks in and the house changes. It just feels different now- somehow warmer and brighter, a better place to live. His arms are full of gifts. So much food, you don’t know how you will ever eat it all. You sit with Him at the table, listening to Him tell stories that fill and energize you. You never realized He was so funny and so clever. You start to tell Him about the house, but it seems He knows it already. It turns out, He is the one who designed it. He takes you on a tour of your own home, because He built it with His own hands. He shows you the foundation- how it is unshakable. How you never have to worry about the walls caving in because He took such care in their construction. The ceiling is different now, too. It used to feel like a stopping point, but now you see it goes on forever. He reveals hidden land you didn’t know was yours- space to expand and dream in. He could never stay too long. Life is wonderful with Him around.

For every house is built by someone…


Image Credit: Edouard Vuillard. “The Artist’s Mother Opening a Door.”

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