“To the Church”

“Therefore encourage one another

and build each other up,

just as in fact you are doing.”

1 Thess. 5:11


I’ve been convicted on encouragement.

A paradox it seems.

I was headed somewhere but God had other plans for me.

And I incurred an injury in the gap in-between.


So, I held my words close.

They became a salve to stop the bleed.

I used them on myself because I was in need.


I handed them out at leisure.

My own free will.

Acting as though they were my creation

stemming from my own skill.


I forgot they were all dedicated

in service to the Lord.

That before they were spoken

they were spoken for.


In Genesis, we read

how God spoke the world.

As it is in Heaven

let it be done on earth.

And as it is in Heaven

let it be done in His church.


When we speak life

we create strong towers.

Made from brick and mortar

not easily devoured.


But, when we keep our words

we create more silence.

Spaces for the enemy to move in.

An unwelcomed tyrant.


So, let me build something here

and make something right.

Speak to the church

based on heart-felt insight.


If you ever came to His house

and stood in a pit.

Hand reached high

waiting for someone to grab it.

And if I ever walked by

without extending my own.

I’m sorry that I left you there

all alone.


And if you ever showed up

with some heart’s desire.

A seemingly small thing

that felt like fire.

I’m sorry if my silence

was like water

and I put it out

by pouring it over.


And if you stand behind a pulpit

week after week.

Laying your heart out

for everyone to see.

Asking for encouragement,

“Can I get an Amen?

Is anybody with me?

Would you stand?”

I’m sorry that your courage was not met

because I sat and stared instead.


And if you hang in the shadows

humble, meek, and full of promise.

I’m sorry I was so full of self

that I didn’t notice.


If you ever walked over

out of obedience

to the Lord.

With words meant for life.

Momentum to push forward.

And I threw my hands up in front of me

in a perverse humility

I’m sorry that I killed them

instead of received.


But, let me not leave you

the same way we met.

Can I offer you, the church,

some encouragement?


Not as one up high

looking down.

But as an equal

standing with you

on level ground.


When I see you all, I see devotion and faith.

God is proud of you and what He has made.


Image Credit: Jesus Name Church. Plainview, Arkansas

2 thoughts on ““To the Church”

  1. There’s power here:
    . . . When you speak life you create strong towers.
    Who knows which tower towers more,
    The would be hearer, or your own?
    No matter.
    Speak on, and
    . . . let no one be left the same as when you met.

    • I never thought of it that way. So good, Hyatt. That is empowering to me, right now, in this moment. Thank you, friend.

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