“Those Wonders”

Do you know

how the clouds hang poised,

those wonders of him

who has perfect knowledge?

Job 37:16


You sat your promise in the clouds

a rainbow in the beginning

a Savior in the end.


Everlasting covenants

between you and your people.


When Israel needed a roadmap

-something to follow-

you made yourself a pillar

and led the way.


Man makes pillars from

labor and sweat.

Monuments to self.


Starting from the bottom

we build our way up.


Using our hands to shield the sun,

our eyes towards the heavens,

we proudly proclaim

“Look, come see what I did.”

(a practice in vanity)


You make your pillars from

when water meets air

and fire by night.


You sat them far above

and we tilt our heads to admire.

(“I am the Lord,

the God of all mankind.

Is anything too hard for me?”)


We move at your command

a millennial minded pace

blocks of






In the morning we cry,

“Rise up, O Lord!”

with a “Return!”

as our evening prayer.


You speak through your creation.

Ancient stories told in three dimension.

Ever-present reminders

of the Ever-Present.


Image Credit: Jennifer Bruehwiler



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