“Among the Rocks”

“…with honey from the rock

I would satisfy you.”

Psalm 81:16


I looked for you among the rocks today
Hoping to find something valuable
something hidden underneath
an object to place in my pocket
feel its weight and know
“This, this came from God.”

I created a path in stone
turned them all over
rhythmic succession
relentless pursuit

I held them in my hands
weighed their worth
Finding none, I asked out loud

“Where? Where is it found?
This thing I am looking for.
Called towards.

Suddenly, yet slowly still
a response
an impression
a footprint
an insight

“See, the value
is in the conversation.
The stones themselves.
In the seeking
not just the found.”

Now they were all precious
moments to be treasured
taken home
talked about

I found you among the rocks today


Image Credit: Ester Roi. Social Network. Mixed Media.
See more of her work and read her blog at http://www.esterroi.com.

4 thoughts on ““Among the Rocks”

  1. Oh how this blessed me – we can always find Him in all His creation! Ester’s painting is perfect for your poem – thank you for the blessing – and I am glad to have found you!

    • Thank you so much, Kathy. Your comment does my heart good. I am happy you liked the poem and so glad I found you too!

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